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Homemade Wine Jelly

Every morning at ForFriends Inn begins with a hearty, 3-course breakfast including our homemade popovers with rosemary picked from our garden.  Recently, Sandra introduced her Wine Jelly made with a reduction of the wines from the area.

Sandra’s creativity in the kitchen is well known and her wine jelly has been added to a long list of her recipes enjoyed by our guests. One of the fun notables of this recipe is the subtle essence of the wine when you first take a bite.  It truly fits the theme here in wine country.

Does the wine used make a difference?  Yes, it does.  Cabs definitely have more an heartier, earthy (Dave says ‘Bordeaux-y) nuance whereas Syrahs are less hearty but sweeter.  We’d love to hear from our guests who try this recipe, especially with full bodied whites such as Viognier or Chardonnay.


Wine jelly in bread | ForFriends Inn
Visitors enjoying the food  | ForFriends Inn

ForFriends Inn Wine Jelly

PREP TIME: 5 mins

COOK TIME: 15 mins

TOTAL TIME: 20 mins

YIELD: 4 ea 8oz Jelly Jars

GET OUT: Sauce Pan


  • 6 cups Red Wine
  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Powdered Pectin
  • 4 ea 8 oz Jelly Jars
  • or 8 ea 4 oz Jelly Jars


  • Pour red wine into a sauce pan
  • Reduce to 2 cups over medium heat (approx 5 mins)
  • Stir sugar and pectin into wine reduction
  • Increase heat and bring to hard boil for 1 min
  • Remove pan from heat
  • Remove foam cap from atop mixture
  • Allow mixture to cool slightly
  • Sterilize jelly jars and allow to cool
  • Pour warm jelly mixture into jars
  • Allow to cool to room temp and replace cap
  • Keep in refrigerator after opening
  • Discard after 1 month
French toast and muffing breakfast | ForFriends Inn