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Best vacation rental in ForFriends Inn

ForFriends Inn Is Your Best Vacation Rental Alternative

Vacation Rentals, sometimes known as whole-house rentals, are a fun way for families and friends to come together in a intimate and private setting.  Many vacation rental properties, however, have run afoul of local municipalities due to noise, traffic, trash, safety, zoning and tax issues.  Santa Barbara Wine Country is no exception and as of Oct 1, 2018, whole house rentals of less than 30 days are no longer allowed.  Sensing that the local code enforcement authorities may be slow to police this new ordinance, many hosts are ‘taking their chances’ and electing to continue receiving bookings.  This presents considerable risk for guests who very well may have their plans disrupted should the homeowner be found out by the county.  Those considering a vacation rental in Santa Barbara county should always contact the homeowner or rental agent to ask two questions.  First, ask for a copy of their permit and inspection certificates to ensure they are in compliance with local regulations.  Second, ask how they will guarantee that your plans won’t be disrupted.

Inns and boutique hotels have always been a better choice than a whole house rental because that’s what they do – they take care of their guests.  They are designed and operated with groups of people in mind while meeting all of the health and safety, ADA, and zoning ordinance requirements.  All of this results in a ‘hosted stay’ that is a more pleasant and memorable experience for all involved.

Vacation rentals in ForFriends Inn

ForFriends Inn is no exception.  We’ve always been a better choice for gatherings of friends and families.  Not only can we accommodate up to 18 people, but we offer a myriad of benefits that you simply won’t find at any vacation rental.  Here are 10 good reasons to choose ForFriends Inn . . .

  1. Our wonderful team will host your stay – no one in the group has to do the shopping, cooking, and housekeeping

  2. We’ll help concierge your stay so this fun getaway doesn’t become a ‘project’ for someone in the group

  3. With our relationships, we can arrange for private tours, blending workshops, special events, and other fun group activities

  4. We’ll include added values such as extended wine and hors d’oeuvres hour with live music

  5. Some of the best restaurants in the valley, including the Brother’s Red Barn and SY Kitchen, are just a short walk from the inn

  6. Everyone sleeps in a real bed – no sofa beds on our site

  7. Every room has a master bathroom – no sharing the ‘bathroom down the hall”

  8. If your group reserves the whole inn, you’re welcome to use the kitchen

  9. You pay only for the rooms you use

  10. We’re licensed, inspected, & insured for your peace of mind

The patio in ForFriends Inn

And here’s one more good reason to choose ForFriends Inn.  Right now, we are offering great discounts on group stays.


  • Reserve up to 4 rooms and enjoy 5% off of the entire reservation

  • Reserve 5-6 rooms and enjoy 7 1/2% off

  • Reserve 7-8 rooms and enjoy 10% off

  • Weekday stays (Sun-Thu, inclusive) enjoy an additional 5% off

Unfortunately, these discounts cannot be combined with other offers, but there is no need because this is a great deal!

Give us a call (805-693-0303) and we’ll be glad to provide a written quote as well as brainstorm with you all of the fun and memorable things you can do with your group here in Santa Barbara Wine Country at ForFriends Inn.

Cheers Everyone!

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